First of all, we wish you an happy 2021! What’s a better way to start the year than doing a summary of the past one?

What happened in 2020 ?

In January, we finally ended all the processes to make Baptiste officially co-owner of the Pantographe studio. 🍾
Now each month, we create a playlist to share the music we used to enjoy while working or else! ;) We publish it the last Monday of each month. So, follow us on our social medias or on our Spotify account if you don’t want to miss it!

We started a partnership with Athom, a Paris-based web agency. We share resources with them and started to work together on projects.
Finally, during last year, Nicolas have done a keynote for Nantes.rb on our deployment tool.

Our processes

In the last year summary we tease about a Rails booting project tool. It is called Aiguillage. It’s still in progress but we already used it on some of our projects. It helps us to industrialize our code (like the authentication process for example), to help us to save time, and to avoid doing the same routine over and over.

What did we work on?


For the first time we worked with Synapse Design, a Nantes-based design studio.
We worked for CADDEN, a company also based in Nantes. For them, we worked on the web client of BALI, a compact hydrographic measuring system. Lucas was our developer on that.

French Ecological Transition Ministry

The ministry is using a Redmine to manage their internal server center. We worked for them on some custom open-source Redmine plugins.


FlyTheNest is a french startup, based mainly in Paris. They support entrepreneurs and their teams in scaling successfully. We are working with Athom on this one. We are building the FlyTheNest internal web application, as an internal management software. All the project is build in Ruby on Rails. Of course!

What about 2021?

We will keep adding some new functionalities to our tool Aiguillage. Also, we are now ready to make our hosting project a reality. So, we have some work to do!
We will start to work on the new Typofonderie website.
And we have a lot of projects in mind like: expanding our team, starting to look to moving out from our nursery, … So let’s keep in touch! And see you soon! ;)